About Us

Mooi is lifestyle created to develop quality and positive mindset for all individuals . Focus on inspiring and encouraging well being of the mind by giving love , joy and happiness to yourself. Mooi is all about authenticity , integrity and appreciating the beauty of imperfection. It reflects the value which we hold dear - loyalty , gratitude , inspiration and aim to touch as many hearts as possible . Mooi is keen in promoting art , cultural and tourism . Seeking , sharing and giving experiences from different parts of the world . This shall enhance and create a growing trend on information. Hence creating a Mooi family community all over the world to collaborate and engage support for one another . Mooi shall be the only lifestyle brand that create products for the well being of body and mind . Bringing exuberance and confidence in your daily lifestyle . Part of the proceed of sales shall be wisely channelled to charity organisations so that we can all play a role in contributing back to the world . Join us on this journey and be a part of Mooi family . Life is Mooi !